Open Houses in Georgetown, KY you ask? We’ve got a few……

Open houses in Georgetown, KY and a few Open House tips straight from a Realtor who likes to keep it real.

Real Estate Sign - Open House. 2D Artwork. computer design.

Interested in seeing some open houses while you’re house hunting?  Or maybe you’re just beginning your home search and you’re looking into which neighborhoods you like, which ones you can afford and what not…….That’s okay.  Sellers love open houses because it gets maximum exposure for their home and buyers like them because they can see what they like without pressure and appointments.  I get it….It’s a necessary element in real estate.

But first before you drive up, here is a few things to know about open houses….

  1.  The agent holding open the house will typically be hired by the seller so they will represent the seller’s best interest if an offer is presented. Buyer’s should have their own agent for best/fair representation.
  2.  Open houses only last for about 2-3 hours so plan your visits by priority or location. You might only get to see 3 or 4 on a good day.
  3. Look past any staging and pretty furniture.  It won’t be there when the home is sold so pay attention to the layout and flow of the home and what it has to offer. Not what’s inside.
  4. If this isn’t the one, move on quickly.   Time is wasting…..In and out, people.
  5. If this is the one, hire your own agent if you don’t have one. Like me…I’m for hire! Seriously, it’s best for each party to have their own agent. Hiring a buyer’s agents cost you nothing as we get paid by the seller who agrees to pay the commissions when listing.
  6. Take the water and pretzels!  It’s there for you. Being stuck in the car causes major diva episodes and grump factors. Take them for later. Trust me. Everyone will be much happier.
  7.  It’s totally okay to park in the driveway unless it’s super popular and you might get blocked in. Discretion is advised here……
  8. It’s okay to ask to use the restroom if needed. We get it. Especially with little ones. Enough said. They cleaned the bathroom anyways, hopefully.
  9. Don’t be so focused with GPS finding the house that you miss the neighborhood as you drive in. This might be your view every, single day for the rest of your life so pay attention. You can thank me later.
  10. Ask to see the Property Disclosure first. Just get that out of the way before you fall in love with the backyard and the paint colors. Trust me again. You’ll want to know about the bones of the house first. If it’s not provided, that might be your sign.

Follow my link to see what homes will currently be open for visitors here in Georgetown, KY.  If you see something you like, let me know!  I am never too busy to help people find their new home….Consider me a house matchmaker……


  If you need a real estate agent in the Georgetown or Lexington Kentucky area,  give me a call!  Or maybe you don’t need me right now, but feel free to share my name.

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