What’s it like to live in Georgetown, KY you ask?

Looking to relocate to Georgetown, KY and wondering about what kind of homes are for sale and what are the price ranges?  Or how about what kind of town is Georgetown like anyways? Having relocated myself, I wanted a quick overview of what I was in store for from a real person’s perspective.

Housing is first and foremost…..Click on the link in the picture below for a current MLS list of what’s available in all price ranges among our 70+ subdivisions.  I happen to live in The Colony, which is super close to Scott Co. High School and Scott County Middle School. My kids could walk there but they don’t……ugh. But hey, school starts late here (8:30 for middle school and 8:45 for high school so I don’t have to get out too early.) 🙂


Here are also just a few of the things I wanted to know about Georgetown before I moved here like what kind of shopping is there?  Restaurants? Schools? Gyms?  I can’t buy wine in the stores there? Really?

Georgetown, Ky sits about 16 miles north of Lexington or about a 20 minute drive.  It is located in Scott County which has a population of around 32,000.  The 2 main grocery stores are Kroger Marketplace & Walmart. There is also K-Mart, Lowe’s, Big Lots and Dollar Tree for quick trips. We also have several chain restaurants like O’Charleys, Applebees, BW3’s, Ruby Tuesdays, Big Boy and Cracker Barrel with fast foodies trekking to Panera, Starbucks, McD’s, Wendy’s & Taco Bell. Of course we have others, but these are my family’s mainstays. Downtown G’Town has several local favs such as Galvin’s, Fava’s  and my favorite place to go on date night, Local Feed!  Just divine.

You will also find downtown a couple of printing shops, boutiques, florists, insurance agents and antique stores among other cool places to do business or visit. Downtown is also where you will get your new KY tags (car inspection required 1st at the Sheriff’s Office  for $5.00) and KY driver’s license, which took me about 20 mins. Yay!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy here for car tags and driver’s license.  NOTE: if you are making payments on your car you will need to apply for an out of state title transfer first. Go to the clerks office for details.  My bank charged a fee of $45.



Schools for Scott County include:

1 – High school (Scott Co. High)                                                                                                                     3 – Middle Schools ( Royal Spring Middle, Scott County Middle, Georgetown Middle )             8 – Elementary Schools (Garth, Lemons Mill, Anne Mason, Stamping Ground, Western, Eastern, Southern, Northern.)

scott co schools


Shopping?  Well, I can definitely hit Wal-Mart or Kroger for groceries, but when I need a Target or Old Navy, I hit Hamburg Pavilion on the east side of Lexington which takes me about 25 mins. They have everything from Victoria’s Secret to Marshalls to Bath Body Works.  Close by is Costco and not too far away is Sam’s Club. When I need to hit Trader Joe’s I hit Nicholasville Rd which is south Lexington near the Fayette Mall (main indoor mall) which takes me about 30 mins from G’Town. Since I work out at the 4 of the YMCA’s in Lexington I am always close to either one of these HUGE shopping areas. In a nutshell, I can get everything I want in Georgetown, but Lexington is not far for some of the other stores I NEED in my life. I gotta hit TJMaxx every now and then!

Alcohol and wine drinkers beware……these sales are weird here. Some Target stores have beer, some don’t. Grocery stores carry beer but not wine. My Walgreen’s in Georgetown sells wine though so go figure?  Most alcohol/wine sales are sold at liquor stores. Some stores are attached to the major grocery chains, like Kroger, but they are separate entities with separate entrances.  Like I said, weird, but you get to learn where you can buy what around here. Kroger in Georgetown has a drive through window, which is handy at times.

Major employers here are Toyota and Scott County Schools.  The school system is always looking to hire BUS DRIVERS so if that’s up your alley, then you’re in luck. There is a large community Hospital very handy on Hwy. 25 and Georgetown has every kind of doctor you can imagine from pediatricians to urologists to eye doctors. Actually, all of my doctors are right here within a few miles of each other and the care rivals big cities I’ve lived in.

I know I haven’t touched on all of what Georgetown has to offer, but this gives you a general idea.  I’m also a Realtor® so of course I can help you find your new home here!  I will do my best to help you adjust and find the right fit for you and your family.  Getting it right is everything!

Feel free to send me an email with any questions you might have! I’m sure I’ve asked them myself so nothing is barred!

Visit my website for a more in-depth home search too. You can search by price, neighborhood or particular school.  I can also set you up on an email search system with our MLS that sends you homes to look at right from your email. Just ask. It’s free.

Hope to hear from you soon,





If you need a real estate agent in the Georgetown or Lexington Kentucky area,  give me a call!  Or maybe you don’t need me right now, but feel free to share my name.

 I love referrals!

LeAnn Sink, Realtor®

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   I can also set up an email alert from our MLS that sends you properties to look at the second they hit the market. It’s free and it’s fun. FYI! Did you know using me as a buyer’s rep costs you nothing? I get paid by the seller so put me to work for you!

Always ready to help anyone in Georgetown with their real estate needs.  Feel free to share my name.  I love referrals!






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